The main goal of the project is the adaptation of a dual system in Kazakhstan that improves the competencies of students according to the needs of employers, increase of the employability of graduates, and strengthens the cooperation with private sector. 

Specific goals: 

In order to achieve these aims, the project needs to realize the following concrete objectives:

-To propose changes to legislation/regulations to adapt dual Higher Education in Kazakhstan. 

-To enable students to acquire more relevant knowledge and skills by combining formal education with training acquired in the workplace. 

-To develop a model for dual Higher Education that supports different needs and interests of employers, higher education institutions (HEIs) and students in different industrial sectors and to provide recommendations to HEIs for implementation of dual Higher Education 

-To bridge programs between vocational colleges and university entry requirements

-To raise the motivation of students to study and interest of HEIs and companies to support and implement dual Higher Education and to decrease drop-out of students.

-To Create network and research center for dual education and vocational training.