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On May 5, 2021 the second stage of the planned training courses on the Dual System have began.
The second part of the introductory training courses on the Dual System was especially productive.
Today is a significant day for the KAZDUAL team, the long-awaited virtual Study Tour on the Dual System have begun. The work schedule is very busy from 13.00 to 19.00. (Break of 45 minutes)
The working group of the project will take part in the Conference "Competence Center - New Opportunities for the Development of the System of Technical and Professional
Online meeting of the working group of the KAZDUAL project On April 20, 2021 at 15.00 PM was held an online meeting with the representatives - National team of the KAZDUAL project
Cooperation in all directions. On April 1, 2021, the Department of Academic Affairs of Shakarim University held a methodological seminar "Dual education as a form of developing students' hard & soft skills."
Partners from Shakarim University opened the Dual System Laboratory.
The working group of the project is actively exploring foreign experience in training staff, including pedagogical ones.
The working group has actively started to analyze the Dual Education System
On February 19, 2021, the working groups of partner universities of the KAZDUAL project - Abai KazNPU and Auezov SKU discussed the work plan and identified priority areas and tasks for the near future of the project.
On February 9, 2021 took place an online Kick-off meeting. The event was organized by the project grant holder - Auezov SKU and Abai KazNPU.
05.02.2021 at the Abai KazNPU Sapargaliyeva B.O. and Igissinov T.K. informed the working group about the online meeting of the Grand Holders of the Erasmus + program projects, which took place from 25 to 29 January 2021 at the Auezov SKU.
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