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Expected results of the project: creation of the Observatory of Dual Best Practices and Research at KazNPU named after Abay, which will contribute to the dissemination of KAZDUAL in Kazakhstan.
Financial support of the project: training materials prepared by the project consortium, purchase of the necessary equipment for the Observatory. At the site of the Observatory, it is planned to train students of dual education, teachers and employers-mentors to adapt to the dual education system, during the development of the project - this will allow students of selected dual programs to acquire more relevant competencies and practical skills, combining formal education with training received at the workplace .
The Observatory of Dual Best Practices and Research will carry out activities in the following areas:
● providing the educational process of all forms of education with modern high-quality and popular digital educational resources, planning their development, production, replication and modernization.
● the use of distance and digital educational technologies for the implementation of basic educational programs and programs of additional professional education.
● increasing the academic reputation and brand awareness of the KazDual Observatory through publications and wide dissemination of the university's digital educational resources.
● preservation, dissemination and protection of the results of intellectual activity of students and employees of the KazDual Observatory, a unique cultural and educational heritage.
● Ensuring the recruitment and support of students in full-time and distance learning, students of additional education programs.
As part of the activities of the KazDual Observatory, positions of 1 leader, 6 experts in dual education are provided.
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