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Сonference on industrial training of students of the dual training program

Сonference on industrial training of students of the dual training program

On November 2, 2022, within the framework of the project Implementation of the dual system in Kazakhstan - KAZDUAL, under the Erasmus + program, a conference was held at the School of the new generation NGS on the issues of industrial training and practice of students of the dual educational program.

By the 2022-2023 academic year, together with the NGS school, the educational program "B01303-Primary education with information and communication technologies (bachelor's degree)" was developed, which takes into account various aspects necessary for the implementation of dual education in this specialty, including for training a specialist primary education with appropriate professional competencies. The EP includes the necessary disciplines aimed at the formation of general, professional, personal competencies of the future primary school teacher for a new generation school.

Associate Professor of the Department of Primary Education of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology Larisa Lebedeva spoke at the conference with the report “Organization of educational practice in the 1st year and industrial training of the dual education system” and Professor of the Department of Primary Education, teacher of elementary school pedagogy Asyl Arenova - “Features of the discipline“ primary school pedagogy ” for students of dual education”. The conference was attended by 1st year students of the dual group, as well as 2nd year students enrolled in a regular program with the aim of a comparative analysis of these programs.

The first months of training in the framework of the dual program showed the importance of constant monitoring of the program, tripartite agreements and the development of joint industrial training plans. Director of the NGS New Generation School Kim Irina, Deputy Director of the Department of Education and Development of the NGS School Maistrenko Anastasia and Director of the Department of Academic Progress (elementary school) Bekmuratova Raushan analyzed the initial testing and self-presentation of the student. During the conference, its participants were introduced to the features of the educational process and had a tour of the school. Students participated with interest in the discussion about the school of the new format, studied the working space of different departments of the school

The pilot program is taking the first steps in the introduction of dual education in pedagogical universities in Kazakhstan and is already showing a positive impact on students' motivation to master the profession.


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