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The KazDual project is a structural project, and its implementation requires the participation of national governing bodies. The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Kazakhstani Independent Quality Assurance Agency (IQAA) play an important role in our project.

Structural projects are designed to have an impact on higher, vocational education systems as a whole and on the promotion of reforms at the regional or national level in partner countries.

There are two categories of activities for structural projects:

- Modernizing the policies and management of higher, vocational education systems;

- strengthening the link between the higher, vocational education system and the broader economic and social environment.

Using the results of the project will lead to fundamental changes in higher and vocational education. The project will propose a methodology for developing flexible, modern dual training programs in higher and vocational education, focused on the needs of specific industry sectors, which should generally have a positive impact on the attractiveness of vocational training programs for young people, ensure the synchronization of higher and vocational education programs, allow college graduates to continue their studies in higher education without hindrance. Expanding the practice of dual training should have a positive effect on the employment of college and university graduates. As part of the project, quality standards will be reviewed, which will make it possible to form general guidelines for the development of educational programs and their evaluation.

Consideration of stakeholder suggestions gathered during roundtables and conferences will be integrated into the development of a model of dual vocational and higher education for specific sectors of the economy. This model will be a synthesis of the needs of various stakeholders (companies, universities, students).


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