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Project meetings
On April 1st, 2022 it was held the National meeting of the project team to discuss the adoption of the general concept of the Dual System Model. In the same time there was discussed the issues of logistics on planned training on quality.
To achieve the goals of the KAZDUAL project, the team must develop a Dual higher education model that will support the various needs and interests of employers, colleges, and higher education institutions. The model offered by KAZDUAL project will give students the opportunity to gain much-needed work experience before graduation, allowing them to be more competitive in the job market. The team understands the importance of this stage and everywhere, there is a stakeholders discussion and adjustment of the model for the implementation of dual training.
KAZDUAL project coordinators M.Auezov SKU and Abai KazNPU held an online meeting with European partners - the University of Magdeburg and the Austrian Pedagogical University, as well as an external expert of the project, Carlos Machado. The key points for the further development of the project: WP -2, task 2.2 - Organization of trainings for trainers were discussed at this meeting.
On December 14-15, 2021, on the basis of M.O. Auezov South Kazakhstan University in Shymkent, chaired by the director of the national office Shaizada Tasbulatova, a meeting was held to monitor the Erasmus + KAZDUAL project.
Systematic dissemination of the project is a key prerequisite for the use of project results and the overall success of the project.
🌍Shakarim University took part on International Days of #ErasmusDays 2021
October 15, 2021 member of KAZDUAL project - Dina Sabirova took part in the International network of scientific and practical conference "Engineering education: global and local trends"
On October 14, 2021 , within the framework of the International # ERASMUSDAYS was held an online webinar on participation in the Erasmus + program
On September 16, the KAZDUAL project team took part in the International Regional Seminar "Quality Assurance in Higher Education: National Level Mechanisms and Institutional Implementation".
We invite everyone to a wonderful conference in Canterbury on September 15-16.
The offers should be sent to Coordinator of KAZDUAL project - Laura Khassenova ( and to Abai KazNPU Project Coordinator - Bayan Sapargaliyeva ( [attachment=1]
Synergistic effect of Erasmus + and Bolashak programs.
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