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Sapargalieva Bayan Oralkhanovna

 SAPARGALIEVA BAYAN ORALKHANOVNA - post-doctoral student of KazNPU named after Abay, graduate of KazUMO and WL named after Abylaikhan, KazNPU named after Abay, SKU named after Auezov, PhD in specialty 6D073100 - Life Safety and Environmental Protection. B.O. Sapargalieva has 3 monographs (co-authored), in the Scopus and Thomson Reuters database - 12 articles, KKSON MES RK - 9 articles, 5 international copyright certificates for scientific publications, h-3 index.

She has been working in the higher education system since 2000 and has more than 20 years of experience in international cooperation with various international organizations, has developed a program to improve the skills of teaching staff, staff and students at International House London (initiated by Buckingham University, UK). Participated in the submission of documents and obtaining grants under international programs funded by the Governments of Kazakhstan, India, China, America and Europe. According to the Bolashak program, it conducts consultations for participation in the competition, following the results of consultations, applicants won 15 grants under the “scientific and pedagogical internship” quota in one competition of the program, in subsequent years, with advisory support, more than 30 applicants won the competition. Within the framework of the (ITEC) - Indian Technical & Economic Cooperation - Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation program, sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Government of India, 14 scholarship grants for scientific internships and advanced training of teaching staff and university staff were received through consultation in one competition. Participates in writing applications for participation in international projects. Participated as a project participant, then as an institutional coordinator and national coordinator in 30 implemented and ongoing international projects of the TEMPUS, ERASMUS + programs (SCM-2005 for ECTS, CANQA, EDUCA, LMPSM, TuCAHEA, PEOPLE, UNIWORK, HRM, ISMU - subcontractor) , Capacity Building (CACTLE, COMPLETE, WELCOME, KAZDUAL); Erasmus Mundus (EACEA, EACEA-2, CANEM, CANEM-2); Erasmus + ICM - 6 projects, as well as other European projects, in cooperation with partners - STELLA, STELLA Junior, ERNST MACH, Mobilize yourself, etc. Together with partners, she took part in an international project with Hanshan Pedagogical University, funded by the PRC on the development of a new, favorable environmental treatment technology for the production of tungsten oxide, international projects funded by the Government of America Legacy International "Responsible Governance, Civic Education and Citizen Participation", U.S.-Kazakhstan University Partnerships Grants supported by the American Council for International Education project "Evidence-based teacher training and organizational culture” with the participation of California State University in Sacramento (USA), in the Republican project “Action Research”, funded by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

For the sustainability of project results, he participates in seminars, webinars, conferences, information sessions for teaching staff, employees and students of Abay KazNPU, in cooperation with universities in Kazakhstan, foreign universities to discuss cooperation issues. Expert on the dual education system in Kazakhstan.

+7 (707) 350-55-30
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