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Goals and objectives of the KazDual observatory

KazDual Observatory

The Observatory on dual system practices established at Abai KazNPU contribute to create a body of research and academic network in cooperation with the national governing bodies.

The project will enable the HEIs to be more competitive on the global educational area due to more practice-oriented education and a closer link towards enterprises.

The project supports the modernization of curricula by implementing of system of continuous monitoring and of learning objectives and their adaptation to rapidly changing needs of enterprises, improve employability of graduates and internationalization of the higher education.

Goals and objectives of the KazDual observatory

- To create network and research center for dual education and vocational training.

- To develop new approaches to the advance of educational programs will ensure the continuity of technical and vocational education and higher education systems, contribute to the formation of a flexible training structure and increase employer satisfaction with the skills of graduates.

-To provide trainings to mentors, employers as well as the monitoring of students at the workplace.

Updated educational programs will be oriented to the industrial sectors of the region and their needs. The project results will have a positive impact on the development of a national system for medium- and long-term forecasting of personnel needs.


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